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There has been much debate as to whether or not you should or shouldn’t give your dog bones? Well the reality is, as with most things, there are positive and negative effects of giving your little four legged friends bones.

Ultimately the decision will be yours on whether you should or shouldn’t feed your dog bones. In order to help you decide we have provided a list of the potential positive effects of feeding your pets bones as well as the possible negative effects

Below is a list of the positive attributes associated with giving your pooch bones:

• Part of a dog’s natural diet

• Bones (particularly with some meat on them) are a source of protein
• Bones can also act as natures toothbrush (some claim it can even
prevent/reverse periodontal disease).

In the list below you will find the potential negative side effects of feeding your pets bones:

• Bones may get stuck in the mouth or throat of your dog
• Teeth can become fractured or broken by dense/thick bones
• Injuries to your dogs’ mouth or tongue may occur
• Bone fragments can result in an intestinal or a stomach obstruction
• Sharp bones can scrape the inside of the intestines or rectum resulting in constipation and potential bleeding from the rectum.
• Sharp or splintered bones can rupture the stomach (potentially resulting in infection and even death)

If you decided that you still want to continue giving your furry friend some bones here is some advice as to which bones could be better. Please note just because these are better options, it does not eliminate the risks associated with bone.

• It is better to give bones that have not been cooked: cooked bones are more brittle and splinter more easily.
• Give bones with some meat on them, this gives your pet some met to chew on and can also soften the impact of the bone on the teeth.
• Don’t give bones with sharp edges and angles
• Beef tail bones and neck bones tend to be preferred.

There are some symptoms below that you should keep an eye out for as they may be related to intestinal perforation and or blockages due to the congestion of bones:

• Vomiting (potentially with shards of bone and blood)
• Stools containing blood or blood diarrhoea
• Lack of bowel movements
• Fever
• Straining and crying of the animal

If your pet experiences these symptoms you should take him or her to the vet immediately

If you’ve decided that you don’t want to give your doggy a bone after all, there are other potential options.

You could always get him/her a chew toy. Just remember to make sure it’s big enough for them not to be able to swallow it. You could also try free drying a chicken breast o some other meet. This makes it tougher for your doggy to chew on and they still get nutritional value.

All in all the choice is yours, whatever you decide to do make to always keep an eye out on your pets behaviours and if you spot anything out of the ordinary visit your vet.

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