Stinky Dog Breath!

Ever got home from a long day in the office and your little four legged friend is so excited to see you that he/she just can't help but plant a smelly slobbery dog kiss on you!

It's bad enough that their affection comes in super wet licks, but dog breath can be extremely unpleasant and pungent (strong smelling). This is not unusual as many canines are affected by Halitosis (Bad Breath) and there are a variety of potential causes for this foul smelling odour.

We will discuss two potential causes of bad breath, but is important to note that there are still other causes of Halitosis, which will not be covered in this article.

Firstly, due to our pets inability to brush their teeth on a daily basis they start to get a build up of plaque and oral bacteria, which ultimately results in tooth decay (abscessed tooth). It is the bacteria in the pets mouth that often creates this foul smell.

The second major cause of bad breath in dogs is periodontal disease (diseases in the mouth). Gum disease(gingivitis) is often the cause of foul odours in your pets mouth. This disease can be found in dogs as young as 2 years, where there is not proper oral care. A healthy dogs’ gums should be a coral bright coral pink collar.

Early signs of gum disease can be identified by brown like colour marks on the back of the teeth and a thin red line running along your dogs’ gums. Once the disease has been present for several years it will begin to attack the root of the tooth, making it difficult for pets to chew. In the advanced stage of gum disease your dogs’ teeth will become extremely loose, their breathe will be foul and they will also have difficulties in eating.

Tip: It is recommended that your pet/s eats solid foods as this helps to keep the teeth and gums clean- pets that eat primarily soft foods are found to be more prone to Gingivitis.

Treatment: You can now treat bad breathe in dogs with one natural homeopathic remedy, Trevioli Pets Halitosis Remedy. This product is completely safe to use, has no side effects and best of all it works. Many individuals that have tried this product on their pets have had great results.

The Trevioli Pets Halitosis remedy not only gets rid of the bad odour but actually treats the cause of the problem. There are several ingredients found in the remedy that target gingivitis, bacteria and infection in the pets mouth. Giving your dog a healthy and fresher smelling mouth.

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