The concept of Sporty Pets was formed in 2007, when the founders of Sporty Pets identified that there were very limited sports orinetated pet products available. As avid sports fans themselves, they found that many of the products available did not meet their expectations. Thus the Sporty Pets dream was created...


Our founders Lorenzo Mugniaoni and Philipe De Oliveira, had a vision to design and produce high quality pet products that would carry through the passion and spirit of the teams they represent. This basic principle is the core and underlying foundation for the Sporty Pets brand, which is still reflected in our products today.

Sporty Pets Principles

• Products that reflect the passion and spirit of the team
• High quality products
• Dynamic and fun
• Meeting your needs
• Efficient & friendly customer service

The Sporty Pets team is continually working to:

• Create New Innovative Pet Products
• Keeping Our Products Current & Relevant
• Finding Ways To Improve Pet Comfort

Currently we offer a wide range of dog tops and pet beds. But there are many new designs and different products set to arrive during 2010... so keep visiting us to keep up to date with all the latest Sporty Pets happenings.

All of our products are given unique attention and are caringly designed to meet the needs of your furry 4 legged friend (dogs & cats alike), while retaining the true spirit of the team.

Sporty Pets Dog Jerseys/Tops: Only made from high quality material: no off-cuts or scrap materials are used in the design & production of any Sporty Pets products. This ensures the highest quality possible. Winter and Summer pet tops available.

Sporty Pets Round Pet Beds: Designed to create a little slice of heaven for your pet at home. Our pets have extra padding added into the cushions to ensure a nice soft resting spot. (Keep an eye out for our unique official Bafana Bafana pet bed- Fresh in summer and Cosy during winter)

Sporty Pets is built on more than just a passion for sport, but also on the love of animals. That is why it is our aim to help contribute to different animal charity organisations throughout South Africa and globally.

Sporty Pets made a contribution towards FORA (Friends Of Rescued Animals) in the organisations "Walk A Mile For a Million". We will continue to assist them in their efforts to secure enough funds for a new home for their dogs & cats. Updates on their progress and our efforts will be posted on

To find out more on how you can help FORA click here

Our product line is dynamic and will be expanding beyond sports orientated pet products to include pets fashion items. Enabling a broader market to experience the joy of the Sporty Pets brand. (Keep an eye out for our new and exciting products)

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